store btc offline with bitcoin cold wallet

Bitcoin cold wallet is a very secure method to store btc offline. Bitcoin Cold Wallet for Crypto Storage has further categories, including hardware wallets, paper wallets, sound wallets, brain wallets, etc. Every wallet has its own cons and pros. It's confirmed that hot wallets are less secure than cold storage wallets. Among cold wallets, hardware wallets are widely used to store cryptocurrency. Trezor, electrum, Ledger Nano series, Exodus, and some other wallets are considered secured wallets. Due to the high price of hardware wallets, people who have a small amount of crypto choose paper wallets and sound wallets. A paper wallet is the least expensive wallet for any digital currency. You can generate bitcoin paper wallet by using different open-source websites. Keep in mind that all websites for generating paper wallets for btc are not secured. We will discuss paper wallets and other cold storage wallets for btc in this article. Be with us for the risk-free security of your coins.

How to Store Bitcoin in Cold Wallet?

As above stated to store bitcoin offline we use different methods of cold storage. USB-like devices that are specially manufactured for crypto storage are on trend. These devices are highly secured and risk free. Some of these wallets are very expensive that a normal man can’t buy to just hold some coins. People who have large amounts of crypto are advised to buy a hardware wallet to keep btc safe from hackers. The protection of the device is a challenge too. If you are holding a huge amount of coins you should get a locker in a bank or arrange a locker at home. You should also keep in mind that even hardware devices are not 100% safe. Paper, and sound wallets are more secure options than hardwares, but choice of generator is a challenge here. These are less expensive, even you can create and store these wallets free of cost.

Best Place to Store Your Bitcoins

To hold bitcoin hardware wallets are widely used. People face problems to store hardware wallets. I would recommend buying a locker where you can keep your device containing btc. Some other possible options are bank lockers and private lockers too. If the amount is not too high then you can place your hardware device of bitcoin in your room where unauthorized people can’t reach it easily. Careless people keep devices in cars' dashboards and even in office drawers. Among the above options, private lockers and personal lockers are the best options for crypto owners. If you have enough money to buy a locker you should think about buying a locker that will help you keep btc safe and even you can place other important files and documents there too. According to experts Physical Currency Storage Devices are hard to maintain that's the reason people use hot storage for Crypto Coins.

Set up Bitcoin Cold Wallet to Protect Cryptocurrency

protect your cryptocurrency with best bitcoin cold wallet

Setup of Bitcoin cold wallet storage is not a time-consuming task. You can do it in a simple way. I would say that if you are not literate you can also do that. Technically it's just a childs play. All you need to do is to read the manual that you received with your hardware wallet. Then you need to use the device to transfer the crypto currency to the wallet. The process of verification and transfer from an online hot wallet may take some time but that is a usual practice to transfer digital currency from one device to another. Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets for Bitcoin are even easier to manage and use.

How to Store Bitcoin in Cold Storage Device?

A simple procedure is involved in the transfer of bitcoin from a hot wallet or online exchange to a hardware wallet. Here you need to understand that you don’t store any physical thing in a device or you don't store any coin in your hardware wallet. You are just protecting wallet keys also known as wallet address keys. These keys are actually having bitcoin in them. You have to get your hardware wallet keys and then you need to transfer BTC from exchange to cold storage wallet. Even online wallet and android apps that work as a wallet are also featuring the option of transferring crypto from a hot to cold wallet address.

Best Bitcoin Cold Wallet for Offline Storage

As discussed in the above paragraph that the best option for the storage of BTC is a bitcoin paper wallet. These wallets are free and you can place them anywhere in the room or office. Even you can keep your bitcoins in your pocket. Sound wallets are also a considerable option if you are out of the packet and don’t want to invest in the security of Bitcoin. Safest Hardware Wallets for Digital Currency is no doubt a cold wallet that is free. You can generate paper wallets free by using tools that are specially designed for that task only. 

How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet Using Our Wallet Generator

create bitcoin wallet using best btc wallet generator

To generate bitcoin cold wallet using our wallet generator follow the below steps. Remember that I’m going to explain here the most secure way to generate private and public keys of cold storage. 

  • Visit
  • Click on the create wallet button now.
  • A new window will appear and it will start generating a wallet.
  • Wait till it completes the process of creating paper wallet keys.
  • You will see two addresses with QR Code mentioned.
  • Click on the print button now to get a print of your wallet.
  • You can simply save the wallet address by downloading or by taking screenshots but that’s very risky.
  • You can write your keys on a simple sheet of paper.



Get a cold wallet for crypto storage that is more secure than exchanges and hot wallets. Different hardware wallets are available but my favorite is paper wallet because it's free of cost and the most secure wallet option you can get. You should try a paper wallet or sound wallet just to test the service.