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Bitcoin is probably the most popular cryptocurrency in the world that was created back in 2009 by an anonymous developer named Satoshi Nakamoto. Since then it has witnessed several ups and downs throughout its journey. Today, Bitcoin price is skyrocketing and outstripping the previous all-time hits. As a result, more and more people come to know about Bitcoin through social media, news, and mainstream media. If you're holding some bitcoins or giving a thought to invest in this lucrative cryptocurrency, then you should be having a proper understanding of its current price and what the future holds for this famous coin.

In this guide, we'll be talking about the Bitcoin price predictions for the year 2021-2025. The article will also attempt to cover various analyses made by well-known investors and CEOs of renowned financial and tech companies. Besides, we'll be taking a look at the performance of Bitcoin against its rivals and real-world events that may have an impact on its future price and predictions. Read on to find out whether the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is a good investment or not and make money from it.

Bitcoin Price History

Before making a future prediction of Bitcoin, we need to look back at the history from 2009 to 2020. It has been pretty volatile and difficult to predict in the short term. In the early days, the price of Bitcoin was around $0.25, which is less than one dollar. But, over time, it grew into a widespread technology to send and receive money without the involvement of any third party or intermediary. From Feb 2011 – April 2011, Bitcoin price saw a slight surge and traded at $1.00. For the next 2 years, it could not show a remarkable trend in its price. 2013 proved to be a decisive year for Bitcoin's price. Its price shot up to $220 by the beginning of April 2013. However, this also followed a drastic down at $70 by mid of 2013. The next surge took place at the end of 2013 and Bitcoin was trading at $1,242. It witnessed declines for the next three years and the price lowered to $750. However, the year 2017 brought Bitcoin into the real limelight when it broke all previous records of high-hits. The price ascended from $1000 to $20,000 at the end of 2017. Many firms and agencies took interest in Bitcoin and caused a further increase in its stock value. Later until the lethal covid-19 pandemic, the price of Bitcoin reached $24,000 in December 2020. Now let's take a look at the predictions for the year 2021.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2021

bitcoin prediction today annd 2025

The year 2021 has been remarkable in the history of Bitcoin. Many a time it managed to remain in news by the continuous surge in its price. At the time of writing this guide, the Bitcoin price was trading at 50,011.90 USD. Earlier this month, its price was $58,000, the all-time hit. We all know that Bitcoin is incredibly volatile, therefore predicting its future price with any accuracy can be extremely difficult. Nobody can make an exact bitcoin long forecast and the future price of Bitcoin in reality. However, the good thing is that many industry experts are well-known to make accurate predictions about its price in the years to come. Let's see what experts and investors have to say about the Bitcoin price prediction today 2021 and onward.

Experts Bitcoin Predictions for 2021

The creator of the famous McAfee anti-virus, John McAfee is quite popular in the cryptocurrency industry for his interesting and unbelievable future predictions on the social media platform Twitter. According to him, the Bitcoin price will keep increasing. He also said that there will be some 1200% surge in the value of Bitcoin and might hit the figure of $100000 in the year 2021. Sadly, his prediction could not become a reality so far.

The Saxo Bank has a different prediction and says it will rise above $60,000 in 2021. In addition to that, they also that Bitcoin's price will crash and decline by more than 98% of its value. This is huge. No?

They argue that Bitcoin will continue to surge in most of 2021, but China and Russia will bring strict regulations which will cause a crash. Other analysts say that the Bitcoin price will increase to more than $50,000 in 2021. For example, the Blockchain Capital partner, Spencer Bogart predicts the same and seems more realistic. He said that the rise in Bitcoin value would be due to investments by banks and companies. This makes sense because recently we have seen that how much the investment of Elon Musk caused a %9 surge in Bitcoin price. Besides, few websites also make forecasting regularly.

Best websites to forecast Bitcoin future price

Apart from experts, there are websites available online that make forecasts of the future price of Bitcoin. Some of them are, DigitalCoinPrice, and BTC Long Forecast. The website DigitalCoinPrice gives a positive Bitcoin to USD price prediction for the year 2021. The site predicts the price in 2021 to vary from $37,914.74 and up to $54,238.29. This kind of optimistic outlook makes it a lucrative investment. On the other hand, LongForecast provides a way more pragmatic Bitcoin price prediction for 2021. According to them, the BTC price will range from $15,881 up to $33,379 during the year. 

Bitcoin Price Prediction Tool for 2022-2025

Predicting the price of an extremely volatile entity as cryptocurrency is quite tricky. However, there are several predictions and opinions about the long-term Bitcoin price prediction tool for 2022-2025. In the above part of this guide, we’ve seen what could happen to the price of Bitcoin in 2021, let’s look ahead to 2022-2025.  Bitcoin has become the most popular cryptocurrency and many traders are interested to find out what the next 5 years could hold for the price of Bitcoin. The majority of economic analysts and experts have given a positive prediction for 2022 and beyond. As the adoption rate of Bitcoin is gradually increasing and more stores have started accepting it for buying goods, we can expect that by 2022 the market capitalization of Bitcoin will multiply by 5. It might reach $60,000 by 2022 provided that the real worlds are stable. Many experts are of the view that Bitcoin will reach an all-time high of $100,000, to as much as $400,000 in the year 2025. Given the price predictions in this article, it’s never too late to invest in or trade Bitcoin and take advantage of its volatility.

Bitcoin to USD Prediction

bitcoin to usd price prediction

BTC/USD is the most popular trading pair and the price of Bitcoin is always determined against USD. Currently, at the time of writing, this article Bitcoin price is trading at 50789.60 USD. It means if you buy Bitcoin for $100, you'll own some 0.00197BTC. As we have mentioned several different forecasts for different times, the price is expected to surge further in the future. If you're investing for the long term (a 5-year plan), you'll be able to make a 300% profit out of your investment. And with Bitcoin price expected to reach $100,000 to as much as $1 million per BTC, it’s never too late to get started trading Bitcoin. You can check out the value of 1 Bitcoin to USD at popular exchanges like and

Final Thoughts 

Now you've reached the end of this guide. If you've read from start to finish, then you must have a great understanding of what exactly Bitcoin is, the past price history, what are its price predictions, and how to make a profitable investment strategy. However, only time will prove that whose Bitcoin outlook and forecast were right. Bitcoin is trading at a record high than ever. It is now being used at stores worldwide. Also, its history has been dramatic and unpredictable. If you're holding some coins, you can sell Bitcoin and convert it into USD or any fiat currency to play safe. But if you think the price will go up, then hold bitcoins for the long term. What are your thoughts and predictions about the price of Bitcoin?  Where do you see the future price of Bitcoin? Let me know in the comment section.


What makes the price of Bitcoin go high?

There are various things like demand and supply, adoption rate, improved technical processes, speculations, and other real-world events. The supply is limited to 21 million and the demand is increasing day by day. It is one of the major reasons behind the high Bitcoin price.

What is the highest price Bitcoin has reached?

The year 2021 has witnessed a record high in Bitcoin price when it outclassed all the previous all-time hits. In April 2021, Bitcoin reached a price of more than $63,000.

What will Bitcoin be worth in 2030?

The predictions are based on personal opinions, statistical data, and historical charts. Some experts are confident that the Bitcoin price can go to $500,000 by 2030. On the contrary few analysts cite that it will be trading at less than $400,000. We'll look forward to the future.

How the Bitcoin price is determined?

The Bitcoin price is calculated by the demand and supply rule. The more will be the demand, the more will be its price in the future.

How often does the price of Bitcoin change?

Bitcoin is extremely volatile and furnished with huge speculations. Its price can change without any fixed pattern following a Bubble-Pattern. You'll see a different price every day.