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Bitcoin to Singapore dollar exchange services are trending nowadays. The reason behind this is: Singapore is one of the top countries that accept bitcoin and blockchain technologies in the initial stage of BTC. When bitcoin costs less than 1 Singapore dollar people from Singapore invested in blockchain and now when it reaches its peak; they are selling bitcoin. A lot of local and international exchanges, and btc trading companies are working in Singapore. If you are one of the luckiest people who bought Bitcoin in earlier 2015, you are welcome to cash out your digital currency. Here in this article, we will discuss the possible payment methods and exchange options that you can avail of in Singapore.

Methods to Exchange Bitcoin to Singapore Dollar

As mentioned above, in Singapore different options for withdrawing bitcoin are available. Here we will take a closer look at each and every method. In Singapore, some retailers and businesses are accepting bitcoin as a payment method. Some forums are working on providing exchange BTC to SGD. If you are in search of Bitcoin ATMs in Singapore you will find them in large cities. According to sources only 20-30 ATMs to withdraw and buy were installed in the country. 90% of them are in working condition. International exchanges like Coinbase are also involved in Singapore's crypto exchange market.

Different service providers are providing services in different areas and even they all don’t deal with the same payment methods. Each dealer charges a different fee per transaction.

ATMs are the fastest service providers in Singapore when it comes to exchange and withdrawal Cryptocurrency. But, the process to exchange here with ATMs is not a child's play. You have to locate the atm machine and then need to know the company or forum of the atm so that you will create an account on their exchange service. You have to transfer the funds from your wallet to the ATMs parent company where you have created the account. After that, you will be able to withdraw your SGD.

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Different local and international exchanges are also providing quality services to please their clients. The difference between exchanges and ATMs is the delivery time. In Singapore, you have to wait 2 to 15 days to withdraw your funds from local companies. International exchanges are offering a huge time frame between 1 day to 1 month to confirm a transaction. The common thing between Bitcoin ATM and Exchange is a fee per transaction. Even different exchanges charge different rates according to their very own formula. It is noticed that the exchanges charge 10 to 20 percent from exchanged crypto.

Retailers are accepting BTC too. Different hotels are accepting bitcoin as a payment method. Some open market investors are using bitcoin to transfer funds. Some dispensaries are also working on this payment method. Soon patients will be able to pay their bills through bitcoin transfer. Cafes like DucatusCafe are also accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. If you are in Cucatus you can pay your bill by scanning a QR Code that contains public key information of cold storage wallet.

Best Payment Method BTC to SGD

During research about the best payment method BTC to SGD; researchers found Exchanges as the most suitable method. You may be thinking about which exchange is the best to convert bitcoin to Singapore dollars? International exchanges like are the most suitable services to exchange BTC to SGD. Brands like Coinbase are providing their services but the delivery time is more than a week. So, international branded exchanges are not as suitable as normal international exchanges. Another issue with branded international exchanges is the fee. They charge an extra fee on the conversion of btc into local currency. 

Some local exchanges are also considerable, but they charge double fees. Another headache with locals is verification processes. You have to verify your account and clear all taxes etc to exchange bitcoins. Delivery time is a common issue of almost all exchanges. Local exchanges may not be able to transfer your fund into an international account due to government policies.

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Among all the possible methods to exchange bitcoin in Singapore dollar in Singapore; is the most suitable option for every person in Singapore. The reason behind this is: Bitcoinscashout is an international cryptocurrency exchange company providing local payment methods too. Some international payment methods like PayPal, Payoneer, and Western Union are also available in this exchange. Furthermore, this exchange doesn't charge anything from their clients who exchange bitcoin. As a new exchange in Singapore. Bitcoinscashout is providing free of cost services. The delivery time of the exchange is 2 to 5 minutes. 

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The user interface of this exchange is very simple. I know people who are not tech-literate are using their services. Moreover, this company has a very friendly staff that can help you if you are stuck while making a transaction. You can read the exchange process and other details on the official site. I would love to suggest you go with this exchange.


Singapore is an enriched country with crypto payment methods. You will find diversified services of btc to Singapore dollar conversion. Bitcoin ATMs and retail level conversion and selling of bitcoin are possible in this country. Like other countries in Singapore exchange rates are higher and transaction time is huge. An exchange name bitcoin cash out is providing excellent services as compared to other all services. They don’t charge fees as others do. Even they have instant service delivery technology. You can get instant exchange service only with this company in Singapore.