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With the increase in the value of Bitcoin, more and more people are getting into the world of cryptocurrencies. The demand of Bitcoin has surged to a record value and many businesses and merchants have started accepting it as a mode of payment. Given this background, the cryptocurrency industry has come up with a wide range of options to help people transact Bitcoin. Traders around the world use various forms of payment to buy and sell Bitcoin. Western Union is a popular payment method to send and receive money around the world. Currently, more than a million people are using this service to transfer funds. 

Today, Western Union has become a common payment method to exchange Bitcoin in large amounts. It is spread in almost all parts of the world. The services are similar to other mainstream payment gateways, however the major advantage of using Western Union is that it imposes very less restrictions than others. The process is easy, simple and efficient for making transactions with Bitcoin, therefore most people prefer to use WU as the first chosen payment option. 

Buy Bitcoins with Western Union is very easy now-a-days as hundreds of online exchanges are facilitating Bitcoin transactions using Western Union. You can make use of a third-party broker exchange or a peer-to-peer trading service for performing these tasks. When using an online platform, make sure that Western Union is available.

Does Western Union Accept Bitcoin

It does not allow direct purchase of Bitcoin, however, it is likely to allow such service in the near future. As of now, you have to make use of an intermediary exchange to send and receive payments for cryptocurrency transactions. 

Ways to Buy Bitcoin with Western Union

Western Union is a very good option for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. It is as popular as other payment methods like PayPal. There are many factors to use while sending and receiving funds across the globe. Firstly, it is safe and fast. Secondly, transactions are irreversible which means buyers won’t face any chargeback. Another great thing about it is that US citizens can actually have the flexibility to use any of their credit cards to make payments. It means you’re able to buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card, which is not common with other services.

How to Buy Bitcoin with Western Union

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Bitcoin is said to be the future currency and is becoming popular in every corner of the world. Therefore, thousands of people jump into the world of crypto by owning Bitcoin. In order to buy Bitcoin with western union, you need to choose a reliable crypto exchange. It is an online marketplace where you can convert fiat currencies like USD, EUR, PKR, and INR into Bitcoin. Many currency exchanges offer a variety of payment methods including Western Union. The best platform is secure, cost-effective, easy to set up and use, and having a variety of funding options.

If you’re new to the world of cryptocurrency, then using an online Bitcoin exchange is a good option. Every service has its own pricing and features. It is up to you which one you choose on the basis of your requirements. 

The other way to buy Bitcoin western union is using an online platform that works on the model of peer-to-peer. It means you’ll find a seller on the website, place a buy order and negotiate for pricing and other things. If you’re in a hurry and want to own Bitcoin as soon as possible then using a P2P trading system would be your go-to option. The major advantage is that you can set any of your desired payment options such as Western Union, PayPal, and a bank transfer. It is also possible to meet the buyer in person and fix a meeting if the person is local to you. However, it is furnished with certain security risks and should be dealt with carefully.

The process of buying or trade bitcoin with Western Union through an online exchange is pretty straightforward. If you have a Bitcoin wallet and some cash then you can purchase Bitcoin by following these simple steps.

  • Choose an online exchange like to buy Bitcoin
  • Get a crypto wallet to store Bitcoin
  • Select Western Union as payment method
  • Create an account
  • Deposit funds in your account
  • Place a purchase order
  • Receive Bitcoin in your crypto wallet
  • Secure bitcoins in an offline storage

    Congratulations, you’re a Bitcoin holder now. It is not wise to keep bitcoins on an online exchange for a long time, therefore do consider setting up an offline Bitcoin storage option to keep away from hackers and thefts. You can buy a hardware wallet or generate a free paper wallet to safely store your bitcoins away from the internet.

    Is It Safe To Buy Bitcoin Using Western Union?

    Western Union is a safe and secure service to make payments worldwide. However, the way you’re dealing with Bitcoin is important to make sure. If you’re using an online exchange and it supports buying and selling of Bitcoin using Western Union, then it is safe. But, with a peer to peer trading, many things like reputation and security must be considered making a transaction. It is good to use an escrow service in case of P2P trading. It’s important to research any platform where you’re considering purchasing Bitcoin.

    Can You Buy Bitcoin For $1?

    It is possible to buy Bitcoin for just one dollar. However, the exchanges may have maximum and minimum limits. If you want to start by investing as little as $1 then choose a platform that has no such limit.

    Sell Bitcoin For Western Union

    sell bitcoin for western union cash


    There comes a point when you need to convert Bitcoin to local currency for whatever reason. When cashing out Bitcoin, you’re available with many options. But the core idea of selling Bitcoin is getting as much profit as possible. It means you can make most of your investment if you know how to sell Bitcoins for western union at the best selling price and incurring very low trading fees. However, it is also possible to convert Bitcoin to Cash with Western Union bitcoin exchange without paying any hidden costs at many services. In a nutshell, you’re given three options, online exchanges, peer-to-peer platforms, and Bitcoin ATM.

    Converting Bitcoin to Western Union through Exchanges

    So far, the easiest way to turn Bitcoin into cash is using an online Bitcoin exchange. With a bitcoin wallet and payment method, you’re all set to sell Bitcoin and receive fiat currency. Online exchanges like provide a wide range of payment methods including Western Union. The core idea to deposit Bitcoin into an exchange, select the Western Union to get paid, and collect funds in cash. These exchanges allow you to easily sell your Bitcoin for USD, EUR, GBP, MYR, and other local fiat currency via their websites or user-friendly apps. It can take 1-5 days to receive your fiat money depending on the platform you’re using and your country. If you’re a newbie and don’t have an account on a crypto exchange, then it may take a minute to approve your account and make your first sale. 

    Withdrawing Bitcoin with Western Union through P2P

    The other way of selling Bitcoin with Western Union is by trading on a P2P platform. It is one of the fastest ways to turn crypto into cash. It is most suitable in cases when you can’t wait for 1-5 days and need urgent cash. The main benefit is that you can choose any payment method to get paid such as Western Union, PayPal, and bank deposits. It is wise to choose an exchange that provides an escrow service as it guarantees the safety of your crypto coins. The best thing about it is that your funds are not released to the buyer until you receive the cash in your account. It means a transaction will only occur when you confirm the process. Look for someone with a very high feedback rating and do not release the Bitcoins from escrow until you are sure the payment you have received is final. Apart from this, you can also arrange a meeting with the buyer in person if he/she is local to you. However, it is recommended to use escrow instead of meeting in person to make a Bitcoin transaction.

    Buy And Sell Bitcoin Through ATM

    Bitcoin ATMs are just like fiat ATMs that facilitate the buying and selling of Bitcoin. Using a Bitcoin ATM is an easy option, provided you have a Bitcoin ATM near you. You can make use of certain ATM locators to spot a Bitcoin ATM around you. Currently, the total number of ATMs around the world is very less and many of them can only be either used to buy bitcoins or sell bitcoins western union because the BTC ATM allowing two-side operation is rare to find. Some Bitcoin ATMs even accept Bitcoin debit cards so you can also withdraw cash while traveling. The process to cash out Bitcoin is simple and easy using a Bitcoin ATM. You log in to your account on the machine, choose the Withdraw Cash option, enter the amount and send Bitcoin to the wallet address OR code shown.

    Exchange Bitcoin to Western Union Anonymously

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    Trusted bitcoin exchange called is a leading cryptocurrency exchange providing a simple, secure, and fast way to convert Bitcoin to real money. It offers people to sell BTC for western union anonymously without revealing any personal information. It means no such long registration is needed to get started. This is best if you want to ward off taxation by selling Bitcoin for Western Union to yourself in another country. You are able to choose a variety of fiat currencies. The best part is that it is a free trading platform with a customer base surpassing millions all around the world. You can choose to get paid with a vast variety of payment options including Western Union, PayPal, Skrill, etc. The transaction process starts smoothly and within a few minutes, you can convert Bitcoin to cash and withdraw through Western Union.

    The process is simple and involves the following.

    • Head over to the homepage of the site
    • The calculator shows the latest Bitcoin price in your local currency
    • Select the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell
    • Choose Western Union as the payment method
    • Provide required Western Union credentials
    • Click on the Order Now button
    • A new tab will appear on the screen with QR Code and bitcoin wallet address
    • Send the amount of Bitcoin that you have mentioned earlier
    • Copy the transaction details
    • Check carefully all transaction details
    • Finally, click on confirm to complete the exchange process


      There are a bunch of options available to buy and sell Bitcoin with Western Union. If you're looking to trade a little amount of Bitcoin and pay for your day-to-day expenses, then the use of an online exchange will be a suitable option. Selling bitcoins with a cryptocurrency exchange can be more convenient, easier, and safer for crypto beginners. No matter what your requirements are, there is always an option at your disposal allowing you to transfer Bitcoin to your account and withdraw it. Also, Bitcoin is volatile, yet becoming very popular. So if you're giving it a thought to invest then there are also so many options to buy Bitcoin with Western Union or any other payment method. If you walk through the above-mentioned procedures very carefully then you'll be able to exchange Bitcoin without any inconvenience.