Coinbase to bitcoin paper wallet

Do you want to transfer your bitcoins from Coinbase to a paper wallet but don’t know the process? If your answer is “yes” so don’t need to be worry because you are on the right path. Here, we are going to discuss all the processes of transferring bitcoins from Coinbase exchange to Bitcoin paper wallet. The process is quite simple. Keep calm and read the complete article before exchanging your coins. I assure you that after reaching the end of the articles your all doubts will be cleared because it’s not difficult as it sounds. Let’s get started;


Remember that your coins are your authority. Done with the procedure very safely;

  • First, you need to go on your Coinbase website from where you want to transfer your bitcoins.
  • Click on the send option.
  • It’ll show you a performa. You just need to fill the blanks like the amount of bitcoin that you want to transfer.
  • Insert the address or scan the QR Code.
  • After inserting and satisfying all details. Click on send option.

That’s all and your transaction has been confirmed. The same procedure is used in transacting both by Android and PC.

Make sure to check the address at least twice. Don’t rely just on copy-paste option. Must check that your long alphabetic address is correct otherwise your bitcoins can be sent to any other user.


Is it safe to transfer my bitcoins from one coinbase exchange to a paper wallet?
Yes, it’s completely safe to transfer your coin. While transferring, make sure that the address is accurate otherwise you lost your bitcoins by sending it to any other user.
Is there is any transferring charges require while transferring bitcoins from coinbase to paper wallet?
If you want to transfer your bitcoin from any other wallet of coinbase then it is free. While if you want to transfer by using any other exchanger, it will take charges. The charges always are different according to the amount and traffic.
How do I get help from coinbase exchange?
For contact with the team, you need to go on the official website and go to the help section.


Here, we are going to end this article. I hope, you are happy after reading the simple and easy process of transferring your bitcoins from coinbase exchange to paper wallet. So, what are you thinking about? Go and transfer your bitcoins to your hardware offline paper wallet and make your transacting easier.