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Trading Bitcoin sounds pretty exhausting for people who are giving a thought to jump into the world of cryptocurrency for the very first time. There have been frequent reports about online scams and hacks that ended up people losing their money. In the past, many scams have occurred while selling Bitcoin for cash online and such incidents continue to happen. However, the process of buying and selling Bitcoin has never been as cozy as it is today. When exchanging Bitcoin for local currency, the foremost concern should be security, ease of use, high liquidity, and zero hidden cost. The simplest way to liquidate Bitcoin for fiat currency is to cash out it and get money in your own local fiat money using a variety of different methods. There are crypto exchanges, Bitcoin ATMs, and other ways to sell Bitcoin for cash (USD, EURO, INR, and AUD).

Understanding how to sell Bitcoin instantly is important for people to make a reasonable profit. Well, let's don't make the process further complicated. This guide will help you find the best online cryptocurrency exchange to sell as much as bitcoins you want without any additional hidden fee. The reading will also cover how to convert Bitcoin to fiat at the best selling price without any hassle.

How to Sell Bitcoin Using Exchanges

Using a cryptocurrency exchange is one of the most convenient and popular ways of selling Bitcoin all around the world. These are websites allowing users to buy and sell bitcoin for fiat currency (USD, EURO, INR, and JPY). There are thousands of online cryptocurrency exchanges where you can sell Bitcoin for US dollars, Euros, Australian Dollar, Indian Rupees, and any other local currency. Every platform has its advantages and disadvantages. You need to create an account on the majority of exchanges. Not all online platforms are free. You may incur transaction charges ranging from 3.5% to 5% of the total size of the transaction. There are some instant payout services where you can cash out Bitcoin and transfer funds to a bank account. Cashing out your bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency simply means exchanging your bitcoins for fiat (regular) currency. The first step is to find a reliable Bitcoin exchange. In a general context, the following steps are involved to convert Bitcoin to fiat money.

  • Find an exchange that supports withdrawals for your local currency.
  • Sign up for an account.
  • Complete KYC (Know Your Customer) process.
  • Provide required documents.
  • Transfer the amount of BTC that you want to exchange, to that exchange account.
  • Sell your BTC for USD (or other fiat currency).
  • Withdraw your funds in your local fiat.


This is how transactions are done on the majority of websites where you're required to undergo a long KYC process. They also put a substantial amount of hidden charges at the end implicitly. However, if you need urgent cash and don't want to reveal personal information on the internet, then there are reliable online cryptocurrency exchanges such as and that must be your go-to platforms. The best thing about these services is that they're free trading platforms. You can sell Bitcoin for USD, sell Bitcoin for Euro, sell Bitcoin for Indian Rupee, and any other fiat currency you desire.

How to Liquidate Bitcoin for Cash Using

Cashing out bitcoin is the quickest way to liquidate your investment. However, it is also important to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat at the best selling price. To withdraw Bitcoin to cash and then transfer to your bank account instantly, follow these simple steps.

  • Head over to the homepage of
  • Click on the 'Order Now' button to start your transaction.
  • Now you'll see a Bitcoin currency converter tool with a value of 1BTC in your local fiat currency.
  • The corresponding fiat depends on your location.
  • You can check out the value of 1 Bitcoin to USD at the current market rate.
  • Provide the amount of Bitcoin in the left cell that you want to convert.
  • Now in the right cell, you'll see the total amount in your local currency.
  • Choose any payment method to get paid (e.g. Bank Transfer, Direct Cash Deposit).
  • Provide basic information like A/C holder name, swift code, bank code, and IBAN.
  • Click on the 'Order Now' button.
  • Now you'll transaction details with a QR code.
  • Send the amount of Bitcoin to the wallet address.
  • Copy and check all the transaction details for further use.
  • Now when done, hit on the 'Confirm' button.


Sell Bitcoin for US Dollars

sell bitcoin for us dollars with btc to usd converter

BTC to USD is the most popular trading pair. Every investor keeps a close eye on how Bitcoin is performing against the United States Dollar. Currently, 1 Bitcoin is equal to 41939.60 USD at the time of writing this article. However, Bitcoin like any other cryptocurrency is highly volatile and prices change very often. If you want to sell Bitcoin for US Dollars, all you need to do is find an exchange supporting crypto deposits and fiat withdrawals. To cash out bitcoin instantly, the exchange is a popular choice among crypto traders. It is rendering services in more than 100 countries with a huge base of worldwide customers. The usual process includes selling Bitcoin to them and withdrawal of funds in USD to your checking account. You can choose to be paid with a wide range of different payment options. You get the best selling price for your bitcoins. 


  • Multiple withdrawal options
  • Extremely simple user interface
  • Very high liquidity
  • Free transactions
  • Instant transfer of cash to your account


P.S: You can sell Bitcoin for Australian Dollars and euros as well.

Sell Bitcoin to PayPal Instant

PayPal is the world's leading payment transfer service that is used by millions of people all around the world.  Now it is no longer a difficult process to sell Bitcoin to PayPal instant. At and, you can convert Bitcoin to USD, EURO, AUD, INR, and JPY and send it to your PayPal account. It takes less than an hour and the transaction is completed. All you need to do is send the Bitcoin from your crypto wallet to the payment wallet address and then provide your PayPal account information. The best thing is that it has a global acceptance and can be accessed from any part of the world. The Bitcoin currency converter tool helps you get the latest exchange rates in real-time. 

Sell Bitcoin Using Bitcoin ATM

buy & sell bitcoin using bitcoin atm machine

Bitcoin ATM is an interconnected device/terminal that allows you to buy and sell bitcoin for cash. According to, over 20,000 Bitcoin ATMs are operating all around the world as of 2021. They're installed in major cities of certain developed countries such as America, Japan, South Korea, and the UK. If you can locate a nearby BATM, it is probably the most convenient option to get cash for bitcoin on the go. You can take the help of a service like and However, the downside of selling Bitcoin using Bitcoin ATM is that the transaction cost is very high. It may cost you around 10-15% of your transaction size. In other words, easiness comes with a cost.

When you're in front of a Bitcoin ATM, then follow these steps to sell your bitcoins for hard cash.

  • Choose the 'Sell Bitcoin' option.
  • Some machines may require you to create an account.
  • Input the amount of cryptocurrency Bitcoin you want to sell.
  • Now, send the Bitcoin to the address displayed on the ATM screen.
  • Once the transaction is done, cash will be dispensed right away.
  • Collect fiat cash.


Where to Spend Bitcoins?

A lot of stores and merchants nowadays accept Bitcoins as a payment method, allowing customers to buy products and services. You can find such stores on the internet. Even some restaurants in the US and Japan are using Bitcoin as cash. You can spend time playing video games, watch movies and a lot of other stuff.


Well, you have just read that there are a variety of options to sell Bitcoin for fiat currency from any part of the world. Online exchanges are a more common way to get into the world of cryptocurrencies while offline trading using BATM and direct selling is another option to go with. Your requirements make an option best suited for you. If you know about any other popular method or Bitcoin exchange that accepts withdrawal of fiat money with zero hidden cost that I might have forgotten to mention in the above guide, please let me know in the comment section.


Can you sell Bitcoin instantly?

It is possible to sell Bitcoin instantly without going through a complicated KYC process You can withdraw Bitcoin to your bank account within minutes.

How much bitcoin can you sell at a time?

There are no upper and lower limits on the BTC to USD converter exchange. You can either exchange 1 Bitcoin or any other amount your want. Besides, you can convert micro bitcoin to USD, INR, AUD, and Euro.

How much does it cost to sell bitcoin?

Many platforms add a transaction amount of 5% to each trade. However, you can sell Bitcoin for free at Bitcoin to USD converter exchange.

When should you sell Bitcoin?

Nobody can tell exactly that when Bitcoin should be sold. However, it is a great idea to play safe and sell Bitcoin at a high rate. Today, it is trading at a high, tomorrow the price may be lower. It is unpredictable.

How to sell bitcoin in Australia

The platforms and are the best options to sell bitcoin in Australia.