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What is an Offline Bitcoin Wallet? How is it Different From Online Wallet? 

Offline bitcoin wallets are used to store BTC away from the internet. Offline wallets are also known as cold storage wallets. Those crypto users who dare to take extra security-related to the care of coins use cold storage or offline bitcoin wallets. Cold storage is the safest method to store digital currency. Not only bitcoin but other cryptos are also using this mechanism to keep their digital assets safe from hackers and other cyber wanted people. Offline wallets are further categorized into different categories. These categories are, Hardware wallets, Paper wallets, Sound wallets, and Brain wallets, etc. among these wallets; paper wallets are considered as top secured and equipped with more security features as compared to others mentioned above. The price range of these offline wallets ranges from zero to thousands of dollars.

Why Do You Need an Offline Bitcoin Wallet? 

As the price range of bitcoin is going upward, People want to buy bitcoin and store it for a long time so that when the price increases the investment will pay off 100%. For this purpose, online storage is not a good option. The chances of hacking are high in online wallets as compared to cold storage. For long time storage and for huge investments people use cold storage. Moreover, investors feel secure when they keep crypto in an offline bitcoin wallet. People who invest in crypto for selling it at a higher rate keep the coins on hold for a long time. So, they used to store BTC away from the internet. That's the reason most of the people who are having a huge amount of coins store that on hardware or paper wallets.

How Does an Offline Bitcoin Wallet Work?

All four types of offline bitcoin wallets work by using the same mechanism. Offline wallets have the ability to store crypto away from the internet. When a crypto owner saves private keys in a wallet that is never connected to the internet; It becomes an impossible act to steal the keys online. First, we create keys then transfer our coins to the private key through the public key. After that, we store our private key in the cold storage wallet. The main function of the cold storage wallet is to store the private key of a wallet that holds cryptocurrency. When needed the owner of the wallet and coins can with the currency and can use it easily, but unauthorized people can never be able to use the coins at any cost.

What are the Benefits of Storing Bitcoins Offline?

store bitcoin offline in a secure way

When we enlist the benefits of bitcoin cold storage wallets we may not be able to cover all. As offline wallets have hundreds of benefits. The most important benefit of using it is: the cold storage wallets are offline. The problems with people who want to invest in crypto but they think that we may not be able to keep it secure. I want to tell all of you who are newbies that cold storage is the solution to all your headaches due to security is cold storage, either it is in the form of the paper wallet, hardware wallet, or sound wallet. Use it to secure your coins in an ultra-secure source. be sure that before the transfer of coins to the cold storage wallet all loopholes were properly checked. There is no possibility of hacking an offline bitcoin wallet but before the transfer, anything can happen.

How to Avoid Threats from Hackers with Offline BTC Wallet?

As above mentioned, If you are worried about the security of your crypto you should choose cold storage but prior to transfer make sure that all loopholes are filled. No hacker can hack or snatch your coins from offline wallets but, If you have made any mistake while transferring bitcoin away from the internet, it can cause a loss to you. If your private key is compromised before it reaches the cold storage wallet, you may lose your cryptocurrency. But, if you have done the process of transfer securely you don't need to be worried. To avoid threats from hackers, you should follow all necessary steps to transfer BTC to a private key securely.

How to Keep Your Bitcoin Safe and Secure?

The security of crypto is based on the user of the currency. If you are using bitcoin but you don't know about the basic principles of crypto security you may face a hacking attempt. Even, people reported that they have lost their hardware wallet from the drawer, or from the room. Try to get help from our blogs while transferring BTC to a paper wallet. and After transfer keeps your wallet in a secured place. If you drop your coffee or water on paper that contains a wallet address you have no chance to get it back. So, carelessness is the biggest problem. Don't move bitcoin from cold wallet to cold wallet multiple times. If you are a regular user of crypto don't use cold storage. But, I would highly recommend you offline a bitcoin wallet if you want to secure it for a long time.

What are the Types of offline wallets for cryptocurrency?

The categorization of offline wallets for cryptocurrency is as follows. I will explain all the cold offline storage mechanisms of cryptocurrency separately. The most common offline storages are BTC Paper Wallet,  Bitcoin hardware wallets manufactured by different companies, Each company has its own price and features. Sound Wallet, and Brain wallet, that you need to remember the private keys, and if you forget you should forget about your cryptocurrency's investment.

Paper Wallet

A paper wallet is the most used offline wallet for bitcoin. The reason behind the huge usage of this wallet is: it is free of cost. Yes, a bitcoin paper wallet is a free wallet you can generate the private and public keys of your paper wallet by using any of the generators available on the internet. I would recommend you to use Once you did the job of creating private keys with Barcode, the next step is to get a printout of your keys. You can also write the keys with pen paper. but printing is beneficial for you, as we can't draw bar code with a pen but a printout can do the job really well. The process of generating a bitcoin paper wallet is also a simple task. After that, you can easily transfer your bitcoins to a paper wallet within a second.

Hardware wallet

Hardware wallets are USB-like chips that are used to store different cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. These devices are specially designed to store crypto only. The price range of the hardware wallet is from 59 dollars to 700 US Dollars. A device to store bitcoin manufactured by Ledger is known as Ledger Nano S available in the market for 59USD. And another device that is designed by Trezor-creator and the device is named Corazon. The price of Corazon is 700$. Corazon's price hike may be due to the involvement of SatoshiLabs in the manufacturing of the device. The companies don't give you any warranty on the product. The responsibility of damage or loss of the device is on the crypto holder. 

What is the Best Offline Crypto Wallet Provider?

best offline bitcoin wallet for crypto storage

Different companies are working on it and trying to provide the best among all. Each product has its own unique features and has the quality to bear the attacks. According to surveys conducted by different crypto exchanges and forums, Ledger nano is working great in the field and providing the best offline crypto wallets. The reason is not only security but also they are providing it at a very cheap price. As compared to other top brands like Trezor are very expensive that a person who has not too many coins can afford. But If you choose a ledger nano you will get a very secure device at a very low price. Meanwhile, if you need more security than Trezor and ledger you should try Paper wallet.

How to Create and Use an Offline Bitcoin Wallet?

The process of creating a bitcoin paper wallet is simple. It is simple yet you need to complete it very carefully. I would highly recommend you to go with for the private and public key generation process. This site is secured and trusted by thousands of people and I also use the same tool to generate btc paper wallet. Once you create the wallet you need to keep it secure by turning off the internet. Turning off the connections and scanning the device prior to the process of creating a wallet.